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What's wrong with my '90 Tracker?

What's up? I have a question about my 1990 Tracker. I bought it back last October from a guy on Ebay. When I went to pick it up from him, I noticed the check engine light was on. He told me that it didnt mean anything, that it was on due to a faulty wire or some sh!t like that. Anywho, it has been running great....until 2day. I drove it like 2 miles down the road to a gas station to pick up some soda, when I was driving back home I went to put my wipers on since it started to rain, and as soon as I did that my radio went off. The wipers slowly worked, then died. I tried putting my lights on, and even tried using my signals, but they would not work at all! When I got home, I got the radio to turn back on, but could not turn anything else on at the same time, or else nothing at all would come on. When I finally turned the car off, I could not and still can not get it to start up again. However, I can get the lights to come on, or radio if I only do one at a time. So I'm thinking, maybe it's the battery???

I just went out and popped the hood to take a look, and the battery looks pretty old. There is a GREAT deal of crusty corrosion on the wires that hook into the battery. In fact on the right connector, the crust is SUPER thick and is light blue in color. Is there a possibility that due to this crusty substance, that my battery no longer works? Could this be the cause for the check engine light? Thanks!
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