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Inside look of the MFH Ferrari 312 F1 - 1969 Monaco kit

I just love the various MFH kits. Now if only they would do some Porsches. Anyway, I normally don't buy F1 kits, but I do have a fascination with 1960's Ferrari's so I decided to get a Ferrari 312 just because I love to detail engines. This little gem has a huge engine with lots of detail that lends itself well to detailing. Now for the review...

First up is the seatbelt material, Ferrari emblems, clear windshield, and no that isn't headlights but rather all of the clear fluid containers. On the other side of the bag are four springs for the shocks, some black screws mainly for the engine/firewall and front suspension, some black plug wire, and clear fuel hose.

Next up are the body pieces. There isn't much to these since these old F1 cars didn't have much of a body. The 68 and 69 cars share the same tub and cowl area. All of the various versions have a different nose though. This is the long cigar nose. The second pic shows the small rivet holes better. I would hate to drill all of those but whomever did, they did it well.

Next is the decals. The far left is a sqaure of bluish black and red fabric pattern for the seat. Decals are for the Spanich and Monaco Grand Prix.

Tires, nothing else really to say except nice tread pattern.

The machined parts are as always really nice. The brass intake covers are pre-punched. I didn't want to take the rims out of the bag so I didn't get them photographed.

There are two bags of white metal pieces included. The first is more for the individual race. This one includes all the wing pieces as the Spanish Grand Prix had a high wing and the Monaco version had a small one over the rear suspension. More white metal goes into the nose area than all the parts in some of my whole kits.

It seems to be the norm now for MFH to include some pieces of wire and tubing to create bars as in the old kit a lot of them would bend.

The best part for last. This is the gem of the kit. Lots of photoetch detail is included. Each brake rotor is six pieces! There are little screw heads, rivets, and even tire stencils. In the lower left there is a slot in the PE to help bend the Monaco wing to the proper shape.

This is a wonderful little gem and I will definitely be getting more of the F1 series. I apologize for the darkness of some of the pics, but considering the weather, it's hard to get pics outside these days.
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