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I f***ing hate buses!! they drive like a**holes and actually pollute as much as 100 cars (a survey found this last year), can you believe it! and the gvt says its for a cleaner london... pah!

at least if you are caught, the fine CAN be cancelled by a cop you know... here this is 100% impossible...

as for the politician who did 105mph in an 85, hes an idiot if he made the rule himself... here everyone drives 100mph on the M1 motorway, i do it and its completely safe.. the limit is supposed to be 70 and is completely ridiculous... even (most) cops drive 80 at least.... last time i was on it i was very unlucky: long trip and i got stuck behind a police driver driving 75 the entire way... no one overtook him cos they didnt want a ticket! me included
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