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yes, london is very bad. Britain in general is very anti-motorist.. the government is, anyway...

we will have to pay 5 to get into the centre of town from Feb 2003... 5 a day starts to add up very quickly!!

speed cameras are popping up everywhere... they say its to warn you of accident black spots , i.e. dangerous roads, but how does it make sense if they hide the camera behind a tree or a traffic sign!! Answer: it doesnt!

some of the speed limits are infuriating... on the way to the airport the speed limit is something like 40mph, completely ridiculous, and now they are putting bus lanes (where cars arent allowed to drive) on the motorway to further reduce the lanes and increase traffic for the motorist..

to top it all off, all road works are being done right now, and traffic lights stay red for longer, so when the 5 scheme is introduced, lights go back to normal, road works stop, and the scheme looks like a success...

if this isnt enough to enduce road rage, i dont know what is...

yes i do, cops hiding with radar guns trying to catch you out... or cops in unmarked cars following you if youre slightly over the speed limit, then sticking to your rear bumper so you accelerate more and then stopping you at the higher speed.... isnt that entrapment!?!?!

sometimes i hate driving in london... late at night though, its a dream
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