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Re: 1998 Toyota 4Runner Possible Misfire

Originally Posted by Brian R. View Post
1. Are the new plugs DENSO K16TR11 or NGK BKR5EKB-11? Gap correct? (0.039-0.043")
2. Check vacuum hoses for bad fit or cracks.
3. Check injectors of 2 and 5 for correct voltage to open (9-14 V) and function.
4. Check resistance of injectors of 2 and 5 and opens and shorts in wiring harness for injectors.
5. Check fuel pressure and volume
6. Check MAF meter and ECT sensor
7. Check compression, valve clearance, and valve timing (timing belt).
Status update. I am still in the process of going through all these tests to figure out the problem. I changed the plugs to DENSO K16TR11, they were bosch. I checked all hoses for cracks, bad fits or holes. Replaced as needed. I checked the injectors physically (not yet electronically). The injectors were physically damaged so they were replaced. When I did that, I replaced the intake manifold gaskets. The problem still occurs, and now is actually slowly getting worse and the light is coming on at 65mph. I will be checking the injectors for voltage, and resistance. Along with fuel pressure/volume, MAF meter, ECT sensor, and then the compression, clearance and timing in the near future.
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