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Originally posted by gang$tarr

I'm pretty sure those go against your human rights and they are invasion of privacy.
Thats why we had them on some highways for a couple monthes and they were gone, because people said that as a human you have the right to make decisions for yourself and no other human should be able to control that.

I think alot of people took the government to court for that (invasion of privacy, etc.)

I feel for you... fight the power!
Sorry, but there is no fighting the stubborn governments of NZ, but I kind of feel better that the cameras won't snap you unless you are exceeding the limit by 10 km/h and in Aucklands traffic congested main roads you will never get past 50 in your life, that siad, they are still worthless crap that are ripping off the NZ taxpayer and the government is clearly putting fuck-all back into the roads because they still are awful Although a lot of speed cameras lenses get spray-painted over by vandals

The lesson for NZer's is- NEVER VOTE LEFT WING!!!!!!!!
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