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Originally posted by gang$tarr
I think Primera man said that the mayor of auckland or somthin has put cameras on certain streets. If you're going more than like 5km/h (i think it's 5) over the speed limit, you get a ticket sent home. I heard that the police are making HUGE amounts of money on it doing nothing but sittin on their asses eating donuts.

I think they have some in England too but not sure
England is swarmin with the damn things. there is at least 1 or 2 on every road that has a half decent volume of traffic. we now have them that time the distance it takes between 2 cameras and if u arrive at the second camera under the time limit you also get a ticket. a 3rd type is the one that has sensors in the road to detect speed, makin them totally invisible. the government has planned to increase the number of them by a factor of 7 in the next couple of years, so as u can imagine england is a pretty shitty place 2 drive/live right now.

one good thing is the cameras cant detect cars going over 170 mph, so i guess ill have to drive at that speed from now on!
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