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Originally posted by Stefanel1
gang starr : we've not only little cars (like Twingo or Lupo) which are driving mainly in towns. But these cars ca go untill at least 100mph. And cars which are on the highways are often compact or sedans (Golf, 307, C5, E class and more). These cars can afford at least 110mph for the less powerfull.
So our "go karts" are better than you boats with a bad handling and poor motors : for example, 110 mph for a Camaro V6 : hahahaha !!! Plus, these kind of cars are drinking a lot of gas, thanks for environment and our wallet...
When I said 30mph, it was exagerated of course... I thought you saw that.
80 on an highway ? I remember driving at 85 (it was limited a 65, in nevada or California) on these roads, and I had a car of cops behind me, with all lights : I thought I had kill somebody !
uh.. i was jus jokin. I said i'm surprised they can, not that they cant.

And I have no idea why you're bringing up american cars? American cars are crap for the most part.

And i never said oh we drive more chevy impalas and mustangs.... i said I see more BMWs, Mercedes, etc. around here than in europe.

You guys just have alot of little cars, while most of our cars are 3 series size.
Most cars driven around cities (well everywhere) are 3 series size here.
The highest selling cars are Honday Civics, I wouldnt call those "boats" that are driven around america.

Like somebody else mentioned in england there were a 1000 Toyota Camrys sold and here it was something like 400,000+
thats the difference right there...
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