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I said that because gang staar said that "our go karts" could'nt go at 100 or something like that. I don't say that the max speed is most important, and I'll never say that because it's false. But that's not because a car is small that it will not be able to go at a good speed on the Highway.
I had a Golf III and made a Paris-Mastricht at an average of 170kmh, I wasn't asleep because it's a good car. Of course, it will be a little bit better in a 607 or a 5 series, but it's not the same price.
A last thing : do not forget that many people here have a medium or big car for the WE or hollidays and a small one to go to work in big cities. Another thing, generally, the women have a small car and the men, a bigger one. I thing it's stupid but it's an explaination why you see as much little cars here.
PS : I don't want a war btw EU and US !

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