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Originally posted by Stefanel1
gang star, be careful, you'll have an accident : 75mph, oh, you're crazy ! That's what I said, you drive slow in North America, on the highway and interstate mainly. Here (in France), the speed limit is 80-85 mph (95 in italy next year, unlimited in Germany) on the highway, and you can drive untill 100 (160 kmh) without having problems with cops. Many people drive over 100mph.
95 in italy. damn u guys are lucky. last time i went to mainland europe i wasnt able to drive so i guess i neva took much notice of roads. the highest limit on UK roads is 70, with no signs of changing. cops will b on ur ass if u go above 75

unfortunately the autobahns arent gonna be unlimited for much longer, and the ones that are are too busy too speed on anyway
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