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Originally posted by Stefanel1
gang star, be careful, you'll have an accident : 75mph, oh, you're crazy ! That's what I said, you drive slow in North America, on the highway and interstate mainly. Here (in France), the speed limit is 80-85 mph (95 in italy next year, unlimited in Germany) on the highway, and you can drive untill 100 (160 kmh) without having problems with cops. Many people drive over 100mph.
I said that's my average speed
meaning that is what I'm at just cruising comfortably, not speeding.
Most highways like the interstates are 65mph limit but most people drive at around 80mph or more (like fliquer said 65 is avg.)
and you said that the highways are 30mph? maybe in a residential area.
On highways I think the minimum speed is 45mph, otherwise you get a ticket.

Also in Dakota (I think it's Dakota) there are no limit freeways just like Germany.

Penzoil: I wouldnt compare Florida to the rest of the U.S. since that's pretty much a retirement state, and mostly old people live there

I'm surprised you guys can even get those little go-karts to go that fast on your highways haha
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