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Originally posted by Pennzoil GT-R

If you ever come to England again then you should visit Alderley Edge near Manchester. This is the richest area in England, and probably every 1 out of 3 cars you see are in the 50-100,000 or above price range. its like a different world there.

you are probably right in saying there are not more, but there are the same amount of exotics in europe as america. europes roads are not suited to exotics, so alot of people who have them keep them locked away for weekends etc. and use little cars to go to work during the week, hence why dont see them unless you live here full time.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm sure there are nice areas with really nice cars in every country.
I guess some of those little cars a saw driving around had sister Ferraris sitting in the garage

I guess people would just rather buy a small car for the city, and nice cars for the weekends in europe.
While here people would rather buy a bigger luxury cruiser for everyday
I think our roads are more suited for for that.

So how do the sales for S-Class Mercedes and other large cars go in Europe? because I see them here everyday, but when I went there I didn't see many (if any, i don't remember)
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