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Originally posted by gang$tarr

Nah, I'm just saying that alot of cars in europe are hatchbacks.
When I was in Italy last year, atleast 80% of the cars were hatchbacks.

I just dont like hatchbacks

It's also weird seeing less of the good manufacturers in their own region. I see loads of BMWs and Mercedes cars everyday, while in europe all I saw was alot of old ones and the occasional newer model. Don't get me wrong there are alot of different cars in europe, but it just seems like there are alot more good cars in the US.

I also didn't see many exotics, a couple porsches, a couple Ferraris over a 3 week trip.
While everyday on the highway here I will see atleast 5 porsches, a Ferrari once a day (on average), vipers, loads of corvettes. There are a couple Lotus Esprits a see in my city often.

I dont think people in europe take advantage of the variety of cars they have to choose from
Yet another uninformed and ignorant post from mister "Rich guy"

Italy, like mentioned, is not Europe, in Italy all they seem to drive is FIAT Pandas or Punto's, but that is nuttty Itallians for you, but go to Switzerland, France or the UK and see just how superior these cars are to the shit-box trucks and American made shit (Or barstardised Jappers) that are North America, cars like Peugeot's, Smart's, Alfa Romeo's, Citroen's, Renaults, Rover's and Volkswagens come out in force in Europe and even smaller BMW's and Merc's, which make for a far more interesting trip down their fabulous roads (If we forget Portugal)

Of course Europe is not the onl place they are buying small, New Zealand is another place that has sorta-turned to small-cars, even if we still buy our Maxima's, Falcons and Commodores in force, slaes for cars like the Mondeo, Echo, 2O6, Golf, Polo, Stilo, 147, Clio, Astra, Barina and 3O7 to name a few have begun to skyrocket, which makes my trip's that little more interesting, now I have my balance of Japper's and Euro's
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