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Originally posted by Stefanel1
I know it's not an easy choise We'll try it and do our choise. We have to sell the 155 before. But Alfa Roméo are difficult to sell that's why we're not sure to take another Alfa, although it a beautiful car. To sell a Peugeot or a BMW is far more easy.
Gangstarr : Italy is not Europe ! There are still many hatchback (not 80% !) in the EU because we have sometimes small roads (we've an history here...) and it's no use to have a longer car with a sedan : the best example is that in Roma, Paris, etc., people who have often Ferrari/Porsche/Venturi/masérati, etc. in their garage have often an Audi S3 (small but comfotable and powerfull) for a normal use. they use the Ferrari (etc.) the week-end. They don't also use these cars because there are many car jacking here. An anecdot : I know sby who wanted to buy an X5 or the new Range Rover and she finally bought a Nissan Patrol... not so luxurious but not so theft !
An example to explain also why you don't see many "big" cars in Europe : if you have US$20 000, you'll buy a Stratus whereas an European will buy the new Mini, a 206 or a Polo but well fitted ! (smaller than a Golf if you don't see what these cars are). If you have to drive and more, to park in a big town, wou'll be happy to have this car and not an S-class !
Yeh, Stefanel1 is right also. Big fancy cars are not always practical, as European countries are often alot more cramped than America
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