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Re: yet ANOTHER..lowering my car.

Hey guys, here to lend a helping hand. Dressedaccordingly, the 215/40/18 thing means pretty much what jordans said, but I can clear that up even more for you. the "215" mean the tire is 215 mm wide, as in 21.5 centimeters. The "40" means that the tire height, as in thickness, is 40% of the width, with the 18 meaning the rim it will fit is 18 inches tall. The Eibach sportline springs that were mentioned is what you're looking for, it will keep your accord from having the 4x4 look that it has from the factory. When you lower your car, the tires (front especially) will lean inwards, causing greater wear on the inside of your tires. This is where a camber kit is needed. It corrects the lean and you will have even wear like at stock height. I have the Eibach sportlines on my car with a camber kit and it works beautifully. The other thign you need to worry about is replacing the stock shocks. They are designed for stock ride-height and if you keep the stock shocks, you will have a very bouncy ride. I have Koni blue shocks and the car feels very smooth all the time with the added bonus of quicker cornering.
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