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Re: yet ANOTHER..lowering my car.

2 inches would be a good height but u will definitely scrape on most things... thats if u arent careful. U are also gonna need to fix that camber of urs when u do it. If u wanna lower ur car 2" then look for springs with a 2" drop. If u are going all for looks and stuff then get coilovers. U can drop it as low as u want or even keep it near stock height. If u dont give a crap about looks and just wanna drop the car a lil bit for more stability while keeping ride comfort and all that stuff like me then go for the neuspeed drop springs. lowers about 1.5-1.75". But yea i sport the tokico drop springs 1.25" drop and it is barely noticable unless its next to a stock accord. but yea just an idea to get ur feet wet
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