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Just drove 3100 miles and slept in my car 3 nights

Wow haven't posted in ages! Hey folks! I made the trip from Long Island NY to Las Vegas Nevada......Vegas was terrible, decided on Phoenix Arizona! LOVE IT HERE! I'm so happy I researched both states, unfortunately Vegas to me was a toilet bowl with lights, trashy people everywhere and I'm a New Yorker lol.

No offense to anybody that lives there, but damn.

My car is a 2016 Ford Fusion 1.5L Ecoboost, should I get the oil changed now or wait to the 5,000 mark? I got it changed a week ago, but again there was LONG 10 hour drives. Another thing, I slept in my car with ac/heat on 3 times, does that hurt the engine at all? I made sure my windows and sunroof were cracked open a bit so I didn't die from The exhaust fumes.

How bad is sleeping in your car with engine running? I don't care about wasting gas, but what else does it damage? Overheating is a possibility I'm guessing? I check the coolant/oil levels daily.
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