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No it is not

here are a few problems I have had with mine

Quick Problem Overview

Honda Insight hybrid MSRP: $26,000. The total cost of; warranty, repair, recalls, and diagnosis as of Nov. 7, 2005 is approx. $14,119.94, which is 54.3% of the MSRP.....

Random complete loss of the Integrated Motor Assist engine (Battery power) which I believe has put my life at risk.

Honda's consistent inability to properly diagnose my Honda hybrid's problems without a "Check Engine Light", this has lead to even MORE damage.

Three catalytic converters within 155,000km. Because of the complexity of this Honda hybrid there isn't any other options then to purchase the parts through Honda, at approximately $2000 how can Honda allow the need for replacement every 60,000km?

Long waiting periods for almost every part I have ever needed for my Honda hybrid, which in turn has caused weeks, if not months of vehicle downtime and approx. 367 days of open work orders/un-resolved problems.

At 150,000km I have a lifetime MPG of only 42.3 MPG, a large contrast from Honda's initially advertised 68 MPG.

Strange, electric noises randomly coming from the IMA Battery Compartment

Water damaged $300+ speakers, carpet rot and interior rust probably due to a chronic drivers side window leak that they cant seem to permanently fix

Transmission failure

ABS Brake system failure

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