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1987 Shelby CSX (Daytona)

Just picked up a 87' Shelby CSX for 600bucks! From some old people that obviously didnt know much about it. It sat for a while and i put some minor work into it. But the car runs great!

My question is, what are some easy mods to do to this car to make it faster? And also the tranny desperatly needs a fluid change. What is the best stuff to put in the car? I hear Redline is a good tranny fluid but has anyone run it in there Shelby CSX? Any info at all on the car would be much appreciated. Thanks !
BTW. Its a manual transmission.
PS. Dont mind my screen name, that was my old beater...haha

Also own a 1999 VW Passat 1.8T with alot of mods.
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