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Re: Racers.... post your times

Originally Posted by LowETz
AWP... those times are pretty good.... almost a 23 mph gain in the last 660' is scootin'. What's your launch RPM on the brake w/that 1.54 60"?
That 1.56 was not achieved at my local track, the short time there usually runs at low to mid 1.6's which is still pretty respectable, That time posted was at another track about 60 miles from me and was definitely better prepared and hooked like mad, when I was there it would pull the front tires about 6-8 inches off the track! Before we did the camber plate reversal on the stuts the short time was around the high 1.6 to 1.7 area, the extra front extension and the fact the front struts were kind of worn out helped the weight transfer plant the rear end much better.

I launch at 3800 to 4000 on the trans brake depending on the weather conditions at the track, I also have a home made 2-step box with a variable RPM adjustment (somewhere between 2000-4000 adjustment range) and a bypass switch hooked to the MSD but usually have it bypassed (A 6000 RPM chip is also installed on the bypass mode side of the switch to guard against engine over rev on the line in case of converter, flexplate, or input shaft failure) and do a full stall launch, using the 2-step and having the converter flash up to stall didn't seem to help the short time any, in fact it reduced the short time a little.

Originally Posted by chevytrucks92
And man my 60s sounds awfully slow compared to you AWP9521, lol. Even with the 406, it'd only average a 1.49-1.51, but I know it'd at least go 6.70s in the 1/8th at around 102 mph (judging by 330 times)! And now with the 355, my best was a 1.61 that happened last night, but my 330 was 4.77 (probably close to what yours was on that 7.30 run in the 1/8th).
1.49-1.51 is definitely a great 60 foot time! Oddly enough, my local track doesn't give out 330 or 1000 foot times, just 1/8 and 1/4. I do have some from other tracks though but if my memory serves me correctly, I would hit around the very high 4's to low 5's in the 330 but don't take it as fact as i'm really not certain. Somewhere in this house I have a rather thick folder containing every time slip from every race at every track I have ever been at for those 5 racing seasons, and I know there are 330 as well as 1000 foot times in that folder. If I can locate them I'll edit my post to include the best 330 and 1000 foot time I have achieved, providing I can find them!
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