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1) 1979 Ford Mustang, totally gutted interior except passenger seat, both door crash beams and front and rear bumper assemblies removed, hood and hatch bracing removed, 6 point roll cage welded directly to the front and rear subframes, subframe connectors welded in, 5 point harness, all glass still on the car, reversed front camber plates (gives more front end lift), Boxed rear lower control arms (stock units) with urethane bushings, 9" rear end and 31 spline axles, fuel cell, tranny cooler (fan cooled), and battery in the hatch.

2) V8, 1972 351W block with ported 1969 D0OE heads, 1.94 I/1.60 E manley valves, hardened seats, stock cast crank, 8.5:1 dish top pistons and stock rods with ARP bolts. Comp Cams .519 I/.523 E lift, 274 I/286 E duration, Crane dual springs and retainers, Harland Sharp full roller rockers, Victor Jr. intake, Holley 700 DP carb, Dynomax headers, MSD 6-AL ignition.

3) Unknown HP/TQ numbers, never been dynoed and will not estimate.

4) Trans-King modified C4 with a reverse manual valve body, trans brake, and 4000 stall converter. Hurst Quick Silver ratchet shifter.

5) 3.89:1 gears, Detroit Locker 31 spline differential.

6) 1.548 60 ft; 7.369 1/8 ET; 90.732 1/8 MPH; 11.849 1/4 ET; 113.340 1/4 MPH, all motor, there are no power adders installed, best ever times and speeds achieved are listed.

7) 28x9x15 MT ET Drag slicks.

8) 2520 pounds (certified scale weight) full of fluids without driver.

A totally low budget car, it ran faithfully on 93 octane premium unleaded and was a serious contender at the local strip, in 5 years of racing I posted 8 overall wins (money runs between class winners), 12 class wins, and so many runner-up finishes I can't remember them all. Still have the car but have only raced it twice this year after a 4 year hiatus but took it to the semi's the first week and was runner-up the second week.

That is me with the car after a day's race, pic was taken in 1999.
Sorry for the fuzzy shot, camera operator was a little tipsy!
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