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Been playing w/tire pressure 'till I'm blue in the face... Higher psi(20 or higher)and it just blows the tires. Usually try to find the sweet spot between 18-14psi. depending on track temps/prep. Seems like anything much below 16 and she's a hanfull down track, but at 12-14 she dead hooks, hazes the tires for about one revolution and gets my best 60' #'s. Buddies are going as low as 10-12 w/no issues(subjective).

Suspension is dialed in about as good as it can be w/the pieces on it. Pinion angle is close(-2*), wheels are centered up(adj. LCA's), rear is centered and tracking(Adj. PH rod), SFC's were welded in correctly, and as near as I can tell the rear drag bar is adjusted correctly(adj. spherical rod end links)

The only thing that "may" be an issue is that I've removed the front sway bar for better weight transfer off the line, but can't see that affecting much in a straight line

Dunno what else to look at.... have some other(M6)buddies that are swearing by the new M/T ET Street Radial. Say that their 60' #'s are consistently better than w/the ET Streets(hard to believe), and that it's a sweet ride down track(that I believe... less tire growth/sidewall stabillity). Prolly be trying a pair as soon as the weather cools down a bit.

Love to see what your Vega would do on a mild 200 hit
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