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Re: What should Chevy's next step with the Camaro be.

Is it? Oh well.
Just give us an affordable rear drive car with a V8 then...I don't care if it's a camaro or not. They don't even make any full size rwd cars anymore...not affordable ones anyway.
You ever wonder why so many people drive trucks or suv's now? NO REAR DRIVE FULL FRAME CARS!!!
They say that they're making what the customer wants, well, I'm a customer who finally has enough money for a new car. And I can't find something that I WANT!!
Sorry...sorry...It just ticks me off that I can't buy a new car to be proud of. I'd like to look back ten years from now and say "Yeah, I bought it brand new and it still runs and drives that way"
I've got to get a car that someone else has already had and done god knows what to, and start from scratch to have something nice. I want something I can buy, and just maintain.
I guess I should have been born twenty years before I really was.
Anyone else feel the same?


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