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Lower weight and less complexity as well, assuming you can meet your airflow needs with an OHV head (and since most pushrod designs dont rev high airflow need is decreased) and don't wish to rev over 7500 it's a fine choice. The lower and lighter engine has many handling benefits as well, a dry sump OHV engine is extremely short, supposedly the new corvette will have a high perf. model utilizing that.

There are concept 2 cam OHV engines, 1 for intake 1 for the exhaust, with that working an OHV engine with VVT is possible, you can run as many valves off of that as you like too. Pushrod weight and flex is always going to be a problem, but new metals have already fixed much of that, chromemoly rods are very light and stiff and for the enthusiast solid lifters will fix any valve float issues at high RPMs.
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