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Looking for Ideas, and a 914...

I thinking I am looking for a 914, hopefully around GA, AL or general SE.

What I want is car that will handle well, great power, convertible(ish), and you don't see every day. Don't want to spend a bundle of money total cost < 10k as daily driver and toy. If I have to work on it no problem, I have other stuff to drive while I get it fixed.

Plan: Purchase a 914 that is structurally sound and good engine. Interior and exterior can be "average". Drive as-is for about a year or so while I locate, purchase chevy 350 engine, renigade hybrid kit and associated parts and hopefully end up with something similar to :

Regarding the plan, I am looking for opinions, guidance such as:
You are nuts and here's why...
I have done this and ....
I have one to sell...
I have one built, want to see it?....

I have found some possiblities, but they are 30+ hours away

2nd option is to pick up a WRX, but it would cost more and IMHO not be as fun.

Fire away! --Raz
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