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Re: start of newbie info thread

I have a few disagreements with the categories that some namebrands were placed under in one of the previous posts.

Alpine should be placed under highly recommended. Its good, quality equipment that is resonably priced, and incredible sound quality. They also dont slap big numbers on their boxes to sell products, they arent overated at all. Great products.

Placed as average?
I would place their headunits and speakers as highly recommended. As far as their amps and subs...not sure, never used them. But their headunits and speakers are top notch and great sound quality. In the past I have had problems with the motorized faceplates on older Excelon model units, but the newer stuff seems to be better. I would still higly recommend kenwood products.

I don't see how pioneer was placed as good when kenwood was placed as average. You can take the most expensive head unit pioneer/premier makes and the cheapest headunit kenwood makes and the kenwood will sound better...., I promise. Also pioneer/premier headunit have sorry pre-outs. They are super low voltage and often fail.

JL audio:
Highly recommended? What about highly overpriced? You can get soo much better for soo much cheaper. I would never buy JL. I don't see how the people that sell it can sleep at night.
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