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Re: 86 bronco turns over in 'on' but won't start

I have replaced the ignition switch twice thinking I had a bad one the first time, I have taken the ignition switch off the column and used a tool to move it manually and same results. Cranks when in on position and nothing in start position. I replaced the solenoid. There is one hot wire going to the post on the solenoid. Pulling the wire (red&blue) off the solenoid I hooked a test light to it. It lights in the on position. The engine will crank when I jump the neutral switch with a wire. I replaced the neutral switch which is the plunger type with a new one. Still will not crank unless I use a jump wire. I have rewired and sodered two harness connections that were corroded, no change. It also seems I am not getting juice to the electric fuel pump on the frame. When I shoot starting fluid into the intake it starts but of course not wanting to burn up the starter I shut it down. The fuses look good. I am totally lost being on unfamiliar ground working with the ford system. Ran great before these issues. Thank you for your input! Randy
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