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Re: Who else has a Monaro

Originally Posted by mmcleo11
HKS Wastegate?? HKS Hyper Exhaust System?? Malpassi Rising Fuel Pressure Regualtor??
Hangon... Your car is supercharged, so no HKS Wastegate would be fitted to your ride. HKS do not make an exhaust system to suit the Monaro or Commodore for that matter... and where did the Malpassi Rising Rate Regulator attach seeing as the Gen3 motors do not have a fuel return hose for emission reasons and the LS1 ECU knows this(it controls pressure)

I seriously doubt the work done to your car, got pics? I work for ACP Magazines and if it has what you claim it has, I can probably get you in Street Commodores or 2DMAX...
I'm sorry you fell that way dude but HKS do make wastegate and blowoff valves for supercharges you just didn't know about it, if you don't believe me ill geta picture of it and upload it along with dyno sheets and pics of the engine bay.
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