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i just found one of my old car mags with a test of the road CLK-GTR in. the engine is a 6.9 litre (not 6.7) V12, and it was sold at 1 million dollars. The GT regulations stated that 25 or more examples had to be sold at a price no higher than $1,000,000 US. so i have no idea where you r getting 1.5 million dollars from, maybe tax or importing costs?

Also, the CLK-GTR road car was not built mainly for LeMan. it was built for the FIA GT championship aswell, in which it won pretty much every race in the '97 season, before the V12 was replaced with the 6.9 V8 (6 litres was the maximum displacement allowed) in the 3rd race of 1998. The 2 Clk-GTr's entered in LeMan that year retired with engine failures, before Mercedes pulled out of the GT championship, and entered the redesigned CLR into the '99 LeMans
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