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Re: Still wondering; Millicento, anyone?

hi, There is another one here in my garage in Michigan. 1959 103d Millicento. It was pictured in the June 2011 edition of Hemmings Sports and Exotic magazine. I think it must be Exotic, cause it is not that sporty. I am in the process of repairing the engine. It ran, but was noisy with low oil pressure. The crankshaft has been ground, and is being reassembled now. I should have it back on the road next month. I am jealous, I do not have a manual lever on my fuel pump. I had that feature on a 58 Mercedes I used to own, and it was very handy. If you go to the Jay Lenos Garage site, he has one, listed under Classics, that is in wonderful original condition, it spent most of it's life in someones living room.
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