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Re: E350 Brake Trouble

If it was my truck I would try bleeding the system first. Then I would put on a rebuilt master cylinder. My son has a 1998 GMC 3/4 ton I put a used unit from a junk yard on it. They are hard to bleed but he is still using it with over 100,000 on it.
I would say they can cause your problem but so can a master cylinder. The unit to check out the system is very expensive and I doubt an independent would have one. I had to borrow a friends Snap-on scanner to get it bleed properly and check out the brake problem. I think you can bleed it properly without a scanner. But his anti lock light was lit. has an online manual which is good. It costs $25.00 and your second vehicle is cheaper. Make sure you print the electrical one line diagram for your truck before it expires.
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