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Re: E350 Brake Trouble

Follow up: I gave in and took my van into a mechanic to diagnose the problem so I could stop throwing money at the problem. He charged me $45 and said he scanned and pressure checked the abs unit on my van, and because of the pressure results he feels the pulling is due to a problem in the ABS unit. My first concern is that if he truly disconnected the brake lines at the abs unit he would have to bleed the entire system and that would cost extra. My second concern is he didnít sound very confident, but was willing to replace my ABS unit for $900. Does anyone know if an ABS unit can cause 1 wheel to drag? I read up on the mechanics of the ABS unit and am unsure if this could really cause the problem. The dealer wants $750 for the part so Iím not to eager to just replace the unit. HELP!

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