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Re: 2019 Cherokee incoming call/text volume

Hope you got it resolved by now. Used to get annoyed but ringing volume set to max on our Cherokee as well, this is the procedure we followed for the Uconnect.

"Not sure if this has been resolved. We have had the same issue on the uuconnect 8.4an and this is how we solved it ...
1. Have someone ring.
2. While its ringing adjust the volume with the radio volume dial till its at an acceptable level.
3. Now answer the call. If the speech volume is ok then fine. If the speech volume is too low then alter the volume on your PHONE until it's Ok through the vehicle speakers.
Since we did this all has worked well and the settings in the vehicle for ring volume are remembered, and provided the speech volume has not been altered on the phone then the speech is also ok. Our phones are Nokia 920 models."

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