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Talking Park Ward V's Maybach!

Seems the competition is heating up around the Maybach and Rolls! If one had the money it should not be at all hard to determine which vehicle one should choose!

It has to be the Rolls Royce! Every time without fail! At the end of the day, the reason for these types of cars is simple! To present oneself as a successful and, to some degree, rich as F@ck person!
At the end of the day:
ďIím successful and filthy rich, Iím driven around in a new Rolls Royce!Ē or
ďIím successful and filthy rich, Iím driven around in a new Maybach?Ē It doesnít promote that air of success, elegantness and all round prestige the Rolls has and demonstrates! At the end of the day, the Maybach is very good and possibly a car of the future. But at the moment Mercedes need to drop the price by at least half, and promote it as an alternative because it just cannot compete in the desirability stakes!
There are some things that make a very good car great. Cars like Aston Martin, Rolls, Bentley and to some degree TVR, and thatís British Heritage, British Prestige, British Craftsmanship. ďBest of British!Ē

The Rolls will reign supreme of the Maybach simply on its Merit, its heritage, itís a Rolls at the end of the day!

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