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Keith...thanks for the quick response. The problem with the right drive axle is that it will not separate from the intermediate shaft so I can loosen the shaft bearing and remove it from the transmission. The bearing feels free and without any noise, so I don't think that is an issue. I tried a prybar, but there is no good place to get leverage except the engine case...not cool., and I tapped it lightly with a medium ballpene hammer. Can I upsize the hammer and tap while rotating the axle and shaft or should I just loosen the bearing support and pull the whole thing out as a struts in the way.
Also, I think I really messed up the shift deal as well. I think I locked it in fourth gear...but that is all I did properly. I know what I did wrong, but I need help putting it back together correctly. I LOVE the car and plan on passing it to my 16 year old this spring. With a new clutch, cable, seals, struts and related strut hardware, I am almost past the value of the car, so I think a hydrolic clutch is not going to happen...although a great suggestion. Thanks for your help!
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