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Did I correctly flush my transmission

So recently I went to the mechanic and they said my transmission fluid was gross and recomended that I get a new filter and flush it, they said this was rare because the car (Toyota RAV4) only has 60k miles on it. So being a broke college kid I took it upon myself to do it. And when I got underneath the car, I didnít have a long enough socket to take off the transition pan. So what I did was just undid the screw and let all the fluid drain (it was a pretty gross black color) then I filled up my transmission and just let it run until there was a better looking, cleaner color coming out. My question is, was this considered a flush ? And because I didnít replace the filter, will I still be alright? Or should I go buy a better socket set and go back and do it over again the right way ?
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