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Re: Annoying automatic seatbelts anyone?

Originally posted by G2FL
Hey fellow G20 owners. I just recently bought a 93 G20 that still has the auto seatbelts. Maybe some don't mind, but I think they're kinda annoying. I know i could have bought a 93 1/2+ G20 and avoided that but I got a real good deal on this well maintained one so I grabbed it. It's not that I don't want to use the seatbelts, but I'd actually prefer putting them on manually...if I could just somehow get the seatbelt motor to stay in the back position (as opposed to forward). Does anybody know if and how that could be done? I haven't found any fuse that lists it specifically controls that function. If anybody knows that trick I would appreciate the advice greatly! Thanks in advance.
Cut the cable that slides with the motor... Pull the clips in the door all the way back. (I don't have my FSM on me, so I can't get too specific on the location) but Cut the wires leading into the seatbelt motor. Your seatbelt light will still flash, but it won't ding like if you just unbuckled the seatbelt from the clip. I'm sure you can also go in and cut the wire to your seatbelt alert light. I'm almost positive that won't cause you to fail any sort of inspection. I've passed PA safety inspection twice with my driver's side seatbelt *rigged* as described above. I've just been putting up with the flashing seatbelt light for the past 10 months or so.
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