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Re: Re: Pushrod vs. SOHC vs. DOHC

Originally Posted by calgary_redneck
yup honda for 1 and many others recomend timing belt repacement at 60k or 100,000km how ever there are cases when they even break before this time. On an interferance engine as many ohc's are this results in at least a few bent valves.
What recommendations are you guys referring to? I have a Honda service manual in front of me right now, for 1996-2000 Civics, all models, recommending timing belt replacement at 105,000 miles for severe service, excluding where outdoor temps are frequently in excess of 110degF or colder than -20degF, in which case they say 60,000 miles.

Originally Posted by quaddriver
I notice not one of the links was from an auto manu or testing magazine (like cd, rt, MT, aw, SC, ff, mm &c) who actually measure noise with a meter and report coincidently the same findings I do
I notice that you don't have any such findings to show us either. Not that I'd be impressed with NVH results measured by people working for a magazine - these people are english majors first, mechanics second, engineers "not at all," remember? NVH measurement is difficult to do right in a proper lab setting, let alone in some backyard dyno.

If the GM 3800 is your "gold standard" of engine refinement, then I know what sort of person I'm speaking to, and that it's pointless to continue this discussion of automotive technology...

I leave it to you to pursue an education in automotive design; it's not my job or desire to educate you (nor am I confident that it would be possible).
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