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Is your friend looking for the 'real' xenon bulbs or for halogen bulbs that gives out similiar bluish white light?
My 325i has original xenon bulbs, i guess of your friend wants to to install them, the best way is to go to the BMW dealer to install them as they will know how to install all the complicated electrical components required for the high voltage xenon bulbs need. I won't recommand aftermarket, cause the fitting, wiring, etc may not be similiar and could mean some fried electronic component if not installed properly. I think the ones from BMW will cost about $500-$800 for parts and labour. Not very sure though.
If your friend is thinking of getting the halogen type, think you can find it at most big shopping malls. I got 4 of them for my daylight driving lights and for my foglights. They cost about CAD $20 each and they look pretty similiar to original xenon light, except that thy are not as bright.
Oh anyway i stay in Vancouver and i bought them at an auto shop in Metrotown, Burnaby.
Hope this helps.
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