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Re: where are the other gt6 owners

Resurrecting one of a few dead threads regarding my favorite Triumph. I have a GT6 but it is getting modified slightly with a new tube chassis, SBC, TH350 transmission and narrowed 12 bolt rearend. I bought it and another mark 1 back in 1992 and this is the remnants from what I scavenged to save the other GT6. This one is pretty sad so I'm going to have a field day with modifying it. Once it's done, I'll prolly look for a stock one or at least complete basket case to restore another from.
What I have right now doesn't even qualify as a roller, it is more like a dragger, if you don't push too hard on the body, if you push hard on the body it will fall off the chassis, there are no floorpans to speak of or build from. Not even the dash is in my possession any more. It all went into the restoration which was sold to pay some bills. .
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