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Re: Just bought a Vector M12

I was the original owner of the Black with red interior M-12 that was built for the Sultan of Behrain. I also was the original owner or the silver with blue interior I believe that was #11. I have a complete factory/dealers shop manual. Myself and Gordon Muir from the then Auto Toys (he is now at Ft Lauderdale Collection) spent 31/2 weeks on the silver M12 trying tostraighten the quality assurance items and miss designs out such as the one wrong fan of the two for the AC blowers. Thats why it never gets cold enough. One blade set runs in the wrong direction. After the fuel rail caught fire the second time we just kind of shook are heads. I've owned 3 Lamborghinis and never had the problems I had engine wise with the Vector. I spent a few days at Green Cove Springs at the factory. They were in bad need of quality assurance hold points program. It was a shame the car had so much potential. The original black car broke down so much the Auto Toystore basically took the car back and gave me the new silver one off the showroom floor. An omen should have been that night when I pulled in to get gas and neither door would open. With no windows to open it was a serious problem (the black had the 3" lower window that would open) the silver didn't. Luckily the valet at my hotel understood my hand signs and opened the door from the outside. I have a good bit of knowledge on the cars and Gordon is still a good friendalthough I don't see him as much. My new toy a 740 HP 996 turbo just doesn't seem to need Gordon as much as my Lambos and Vectors LOL
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