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Re: Gas Mileage for 98 4Runner SR5 V6

Originally Posted by Brian R.
Well hell, since no one else is posting, I'll give it a shot.

Buy road tires. Mud stompers will cost you. I believe that the more noise the tires make on the road, the poorer gas mileage they will give you. Fill the tires with 4-6 more psi than that recommended in your door label. Low tire pressure will cost you. Don't fill the tires above the maximum psi labeled on the tire.
Just thought I would add a few details. On running higher tire pressures keep in mind that the cars handling will be affected and if there is a specified difference between the front and rear it should be kept proportionately the same. Especially in the front you will notice the steering becomes alot more squirrely and spin outs and roll overs may be a little easier to acheive.

Driving habits can save you alot of mileage. Start coasting earlier for stops; don't charge up to stop signs and brake hard! It is lots of wasted energy and your mileage will suffer. On the flip side don't charge out of the gate like a horse race; accelerate easy and smoothly. In other words start driving like an old person, you will get fewer tickets. If you find it hard to do because you are in a hurry to get to work just leave 15 min early and you can conserve fuel while lowering your stress level and impressing the boss by actually showing up for work before start time!

Put your auto in neutral at the stops; the engine won't have to work against the torque converter.

I don't drive with my tailgate down because I feel that someone might hit it and it would cost more to replace than my bumper.
Thats all I can add.
Hope it helps.

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