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Just click on the question below to go directly to that entry. Please note that that entries may not appear in order within the thread.

To access a linear version of this FAQ, recommended for beginners, please go to:

AF Car Modeling FAQ - * Look here first! *(ver1.x)

Further information, compiled from this site and other web resources, is available on


About this forum:

Hi, I'm new here!

How big is this place?

How do I post images here?

Is it okay to post in old threads?

Why do threads get closed or moved?

Want to talk to other AF Modelers?

How can I get rid of all the other people in this forum that I can't stand?

About Car Modeling in General:

What kind of supplies do I need to get started?

Where can I see some models that are already built?

Links to other model galleries and reference links

What kind of common mistakes should I try to avoid?

How can I find Model Car shows near me?

About Buying Model Kits:

Where can I buy model cars online?

Where can I find more websites about models and online model retailers?

Where can I find model stores near me?

Which model kit manufacturer is good for beginners?

Which model kit manufacturer is the best?

Why are resin kits so expensive?

Can I buy/sell/trade kits and parts on AF?

About Painting:

How To Paint Springs

What order do I do all the painting and polishing steps?

How to prepare and paint a body

How do you make the car's body paint so smooth and life-like?

What is primer? Do I have to use it?

How can I tint model car windows?

How do I paint the black trim around the outside of the windows?

How do I paint the black on the inside of the windows?

What is the purpose of lacquer or clear coat?

What is the difference between the various paint types?

How do I polish the body?

How to use rubbing compound and wax to polish a body

What do I do the really small lettering with?

How do I strip paint off a plastic model? What is "CSC"?

How do I hold a model car body for painting?

How do you keep dust off the fresh paint? What can I do if it got on the car anyway?

How can I chrome plate plastic parts? What paints come close?

What kind of airbrush should I buy?

Do I have to buy an airbrush?

Why is an airbrush better than a spray can?

What can I use as an air supply for my airbrush?

How to paint flames

Painting/Polishing for a "Show Car" look

About Assembly and Detailing:

What kind of glue should I use?

More Info On Model Glue And Types.

How do you apply decals?

What is model putty for?

What are photoetched parts?

How do I attach photo etched parts?

How do I remove the rib running through the middle of tyres?

How do I apply the sidewall decals?

How can I make my models more detailed?

Can I add working lights to my models?

How to change wheels from Female to male

How to scratchbuild an intercooler

What are molding lines

About Photographing Your Models:

How can I take pictures of my models?

How to take photos with white backgrounds


Why does my head hurt?

Print This Stuff Out


NOTE: Items in dark blue are compiled by Guiddy (many thanks!), and can also be found at, which you should bookmark anyways!

Also, this FAQ was created and will be maintained to suit our particular model forum. If there's something we haven't covered, let us know below, but also take a look at the rec.model.scale newsgroup's FAQ at Their document covers scale modeling in general, and contains many more subjects than just car modeling.

To post feedback about this document, please use this thread: - Feedback

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