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I think he's right that we would probably be disappointed by the actual look of the Black LMs - however I must say I would still be very excited to finally see the photos. For the simple fact of finally putting the mystery to rest, they're practically priceless.

I suspect that if you stripped the colored flag graphics off of them which they are reported to wear, that they would look great though. The rest of the paint on the car is supposed to match the #59 LeMans -winning 'Ueno Clinic' livery I believe, so if you can picture that without all the sponsor logos, then that should give us a pretty good idea on the look of the Black LMs.

I think any LM - even in Sultan-molested form - would fetch about the same amount of money. Personally, I like the look of the darker F1s that wear the High Downforce Kit, so I'd probably take the black over the orange.

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