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Re: Re: Awesome LM pic

Originally Posted by zx4000
Yes. You are right. actually when i saw those pics at first, thought this as LM. but from your comments, i realized the differance and found additional the air-bent in front of rear fender not existing in the LM, which is also just trivial thing you already know.

My following saying is entirely off-topic. Most of Mclaren enthusiasts in this forum seem to have more strong self-confidence unlikely another sites, which is likely to be even beneficial users who know our topics in detail more. On the other hand , to begginers, that pointed sharp acknowledge used to be very high block to cross over and offend them from time to time. Although to be more accurate is obviously to need for us, if there were more generosity our special forum could be even better to draw another attention. My personal opinion was so long. What i truly wanna say is that the final purpose of our forum should be more enjoyable place to come and share the information. Simultaeously the beginners also should be more careful before posting and telling something in here. In searching information must be the part of life.
Don't take too much offense zx4000. This forum has a steep learning curve with true enthusiasts with considerable knowledge. Most of the veterans here are just trying to keep the information as accurate as possible. I've appreciated the McLaren for a long time, but I'm not a veteran on this forum. This forum certainly opens my eyes to nuances of the McLaren, I've never dreamed I would get to know.

If you have something to contribute, please do so! I'm sure we all appreciate it, even it is something in the wrong section. New pictures are always appreciated.
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