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Re: '03 Accord vibration

My hubby is doing his best, but I am getting really frustrated. The center and left (rear) mounts have been replaced, and though there is still a slight vibration when actually driving, which is lighter than before, at idle the vibration actually worsened, and somehow the engine actually sounds a little louder.

The idle is rougher, though not quite as rough in neutral, but the engine smooths out some when in motion. When parked and changing gears, I can still hear a slight click, but don't hear anything other than the normal sounds as it shifts during driving.
Other than changing the transmission mounts, which we are planning on doing next weekend since we ran out of time this weekend, what else can I try for the stupid vibrating? Can the replacements being torqued at the wrong PSI cause it to worsen, because we went by what we could find online (center mount four bolts 40 and top bolt 58, I think he did the same for the rear).
The rest of the car is great, and I really, really want to get this fixed. Thanks!
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