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Re: Re: Too early for GT500 vs '07 Skyline GTR?

Originally Posted by ghostx
For some strange reason, I don't think the GTR will be worth the 70k price tag. This is disappointing to me because I'd love to own it. But at 70k, I'd have to settle for the GT500.

Who knows, get 'em on the track together and you may not be able to tell that there is a $30,000 difference between the two.
you guys act like this $70k price tag is set in stone...there has been no confirmation buy anyone from nissan that says how much it is going to cost. it started at $50k and then there were rumors of it being $120k. sounds like someone just picked a medium and went with it...

anyways, maybe your right...but you sure as hell cant tell now. reguardless it will be worth the price tag. im sure it will be yet another japanese car way ahead of its time with new inventions, gizmos, and technology that Ford and GM would only hope to have at their disposal 10 years from now.

what im trying to say is that whether the performance is on par with the GT500 for the price tag or will be a much more technological advanced which means more money. if you want a car that took many years of research, development, and testing...then your going to have to pay some money. if you want a bigger motor thrown in a well-designed car get the GT500.

but like i keep repeating...maybe the GTR will cost $40k also and it will compete with the GT500. then whats going to be the better bang for buck??? this comparison is ridiculous for the simple fact that your comparing a car that hasnt even had a concept built let alone on its way to production lines. when we KNOW something about the car instead of rumors and gossip then we could possibly make a comparison out of this. but as of right now...your choosing between 2 brands, not 2 cars.
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