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Re: Too early for GT500 vs '07 Skyline GTR?

Originally Posted by DinanM3_S2
At $70,000, you can keep your Nissan/Infiniti, I'll take a Porsche 997 thank you very much.
well if thats not narrow-minded, i dont know what is...

we havent seen or do we have any confirmed speculations about the car and already people are saying they would rather have this car because of the brand. im completely dumbfounded at the ignorance of people as a whole...

anyways, im not going to say if anything will outhandle or if it will even be worth talking about. the only confirmation we know is that it will be made...

we dont know anything about the could turn into a $200k exotic for all we know. you assume that the Z06 will destroy it in the handling department on what basis??? we know absolutely nothing about the suspension, the weight, the motor, the aerodynamics, the...anything. hell it could get outhandled by $12k economy car for all we know if you want to just have an opinion for no apparent reason.

im not defending it because im a 'nissan' guy, like most of you assume...but more or less because, your statements have no meaning beings we know absolutely nothing about the car.

ill tell you one is not a fool. they know what their competition will be and it will compete. if the Z06 is a $70k and car manufacturers know that if they are going to build a car for the same purpose as the Z06 and at the same price it better perform as well or better than one or else they will lose would be asinine to think any different.
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