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Re: proton cars...

yes,that's what they are doing now..
do you know after sales service is terrible?
inexperience service centre that charge you skyrocketing prices for parts and claim parts that are damaged but actually they are intact..

my friend bought a proton iswara ( mitsu lancer fiore ) few years ago
1) gear cant shift to gear 2
2) bumper fitment gaps
3) best of all ..they mess up the number plates ( eg : front is 123 , rear is 132)

there are many problems..
even local cabbies running on proton iswara are complaining as the car given to them have lots of problem. Once i read , the taxi driver told that the meter cable was broken every year ..imagine that....

these are only tip of the iceberg..
venture more and you will understand the plight of malaysians..

pardon for my bad english
Evo Rocks !
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