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Cool Re: For Anyone Who Owns a Digital Tire Gauge

Originally Posted by CapriRacer View Post
Remember when I said that the max pressure is NOT related to the max load? I suspect the answer you are getting for the Subaru is because the tire's max pressure is 51 psi, where the actual rating pressure is 35 psi.
So if I plug 35psi max cold, or even 44(my Hyundai tires) into the formula, I might get actual sane recommended pressures for that Legacy?

And secondly, it's 2019, not 1989: I haven't seen a Max Cold PSI of 35 stamped on a passenger tire since nearly back to then. Since the '90s, 44 and 51psi max cold appear on every pax tire I've had the pleasure of kneeling before.

Are you suggesting that those current max cold stampings might lack some validity?
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